4 Reasons To Use Virtual Video Tours for Real Estate

Posted by Sean McGrail - CRO, OpenFrame on Aug 31, 2018 11:46:00 AM
Sean McGrail - CRO, OpenFrame
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Virtual video tours have been used within the real estate industry for sometime now.  With each passing year the technology is getting easier and more affordable.

Video tours have been popular because they allow buyers the freedom to explore a property at a time that works for them. The ultimate always "Open House".

For real estate agents, offering virtual tours to seller often set your business apart from competitors.

But why are these online property tours proving a hit with real estate agents, home sellers and buyers?

#1 More Detail Than Photos Alone

Often buyers find that static photos and colorful text descriptions of a property don’t do it justice.

The beauty of an online 360 video tour of a property is that you capture the entire room not just half of the room as you would with a standard photo.


#2 Better Experience for the Buyer and the Seller

With a walk-through online tour of a property, a buyer can rewind and spend as much time as they like on the rooms that pique their interest. They won't feel rushed to get out of the home.

For the seller, there will be fewer people walking through your home, and only serious buyers will be making appointments to see your home.

#3 Simple and Easy to Use

Virtual video tours have gone from being overly complicated, over engineered endeavors that required someone like Steven Spielberg to shoot, direct and edit to being as simple as using a point and shoot camera.

#4 Stand Out from Competitors


Are you the go-to real estate agent for selling and buying property in your zip code? Why should a seller give their home to you to sell?

Sellers will give their home to the person who they think will market their home the best.  Virtual video tours are one way agents stand out from the other agents.

Those are just a few reasons why, if you're a real estate agent, you should consider using virtual video tours for every listing.

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