4 Ways Video Improves Your Marketing Outcomes

Posted by Aaron on Apr 29, 2019 4:08:03 PM

 One of the best ways to improve your marketing outcomes is to create property video tours. This post discusses 4 ways video will improve your marketing outcomes.

Marketing trends are always changing and sometimes it can be hard to keep up. In the Real Estate market, agents are constantly looking for ways to get the most of their networks. They want to find new clients and keep their current contacts engaged. Because time is often short, you want to focus your energy on the content generation that will yield the highest impact.

More and more, video is becoming the most effective form of content to include in your listing marketing. Youtube is the second most popular website on the web and visitors watch over 1 billion hours of video there daily (Alexa, Youtube). Video is a huge part of the average person’s daily life and it is predicted to grow even more. By the early 2020s, there will be as much as 1 million minutes of video flowing back and forth on the web per second and video will make up over 80% of all consumer internet traffic (Cisco).

We know that video is prolific and many people are consuming video content for a number of reasons, but how can these trends translate to your marketing strategy? We’ll go through some ways in this post to leverage the video craze to generate more business and better engage buyers.

1. Meet Your Contacts Where They Are

In a multi screen world where consumers increasingly engage with content wherever they may be and at any time, your outreach must be as responsive as possible. You can use video to increase your engagement because your contacts are already watching video on their phones. Every year, mobile content engagement rises by 100% and most users are actually more likely to view videos on their phones than other content (Insivia, Facebook). If you use video in your outreach, you’re ensuring that if your contacts are on mobile, they’ll probably engage. Most social platforms are responsive and sometimes have better experiences on mobile. The same goes for email marketing providers. Post your virtual tour or info videos to your social channels and in your email campaigns to increase your reach.

2. Boost Your SEO

When a potential customer brings up Google to search your area, they enter a series of keywords - like a neighborhood or town or condo or home - and Google is combing the internet to make a calculation on the best web pages to display. This is the most basic way to think of SEO and video can give you a big leg up. Recent analysis has shown that having video in your content gives you 50x more chance of appearing on the first page of search results (Forrester). That’s huge! It’s important that your content includes searchable keywords to help you rank higher, but adding in video can take you to the next level.

3. Keep Eyeballs Longer

If you’re doing any marketing for your real estate practice, you’re most likely emailing your network and posting to social media or your website regularly. Keeping the interest of your visitors and subscribers can be one of the biggest challenges of content marketing. Many times our emails are thrown away or our posts scrolled past quickly. We want to engage your network with content that matters. 68% of people prefer video over text in their content, so including video in your marketing emails on social posts have a higher probability of catching your contacts (Wzwol). Use video to promote a listing or educate your market and your contacts will spend more time with your content.

4. Get More out of Your Outreach

Another of the web content problems we look to solve by using video is to maximize the impact of your posts and emails. We know that adding video will increase engagement but then we want to maximize that engagement. Simply put - video is better than text. Viewers retain 85% more of a given piece of content if it is delivered as video instead of text (Insivia). Want to maximize the impression you leave on your network? Use video! If you’re marketing a listing, make sure you have a video walkthrough, instead of just photos. Trying to win a listing? Share how you will use video to engage buyers to give yourself an advantage over competitors. Make sure your seasonal or quarterly newsletter has educational video on your market and you’ll see increased click through rate and engagement. The same goes for your website and social pages. You’ll make much more of a lasting impression with this simple change in delivery.


Video has to be part of your outreach going forward. Like we mentioned at the start, you’re probably already reaching out to your network, but you want to maximize the impact of that outreach. One of the easiest ways to work video into your outreach is to utilize the OpenFrame 360 video system. OpenFrame allows you to create 360 videos and share them within minutes to your network. Add a link to your 360 tour videos to your website and post to Facebook and you’ll already be on the right track to increasing your engagement. Head to to learn more!