7 ways to make your real estate listing stand out.

Posted by Sean McGrail - CRO, OpenFrame on Sep 25, 2018 10:50:49 PM
Sean McGrail - CRO, OpenFrame
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Two decades ago, being a real estate agent meant you sat at a desk and waited for buyers and sellers to walk through the door.  Rainy days were the worst!

But today, buyers and seller could connect without an agent, but the value that a real estate agent offers today is that you bring an additional level of convenience and functionality to the transaction.

Offloading the nitty gritty is what many sellers find attractive about working with agents; and to achieve results your clients couldn’t have achieved without you.

Below are some actions you can take to deliver excellence and increase exposure for your listing.

1. Stellar digital presentation

Creating an attractive and professional digital presentation of the property is a crucial step that will help you attract more buyers by providing a beautiful first impression.

These types of presentations have proven to contribute a positive impact on the decision to buy. Be sure that your presentation looks great on mobile phones as well as desktop computers.

2. Video walkthroughs

A video walkthrough tour can provide an accurate sense of space, lighting and atmosphere for the viewer. The OpenFrame Panoramic Tour if perfect for giving a buyer a full 360 view of each room

3. ‘Just listed’ social media push

Social media is the modern equivalent of placing a “For sale” sign in the yard. Create a post featuring the home, and let everyone know it is a “Just listed” property.  We recommend using the 360 photo feature on OpenFrame to post engaging photos on Facebook

4. Help Your Sellers Help You

Have you asked your sellers to promote their listings too? Your sellers should share their property on their social media and link back to you.  Give them the tools they need to promote via their own social networks.  Share with them your videos and 360 photos from OpenFrame

Chances are great that much of their network is local, and may know of someone who is looking to move in the area.

5. The One Room Teaser video

Create a 15-30 second teaser video of one room - the best one in the house - that let's people know about an upcoming open house or new listing and post it on Facebook and Instagram.  Link back to the full listing details on MLS. 

6. Share far and wide

Tap your network and push out your photos and video to generate the most exposure. Ask the professionals you work with to post on their social media. Lawyers and mortgage brokers often don't have enough content themselves and would be happy to post something other than the weekly interest rate.  Be prepared to post their content in exchange.

7. Go where the buyers are

Sites like Zillow and have 80%+ of all the buyers who are searching for a home. Ensure that your listing includes everything the buyer may be interested in.  Including amazing imagery of the property so they are incentivized to come to the property ready to place an offer.

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