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Posted by Etienne on Jun 20, 2018 9:46:40 PM
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Meet the team and discover how we got our first client

Welcome to our blog, where we help real estate agents like you to keep up with new trends in order to remain ahead of the curve, wow your customers, and win more listings. With your attention honed in on your clients, it’s okay to admit that you sometimes don't have time to research new and emerging tools or other ways to be a successful agent. Well, I’m so glad you found us, because we're here to help.

In this blog, our goal is to help you become the best agent you can be. Here, we will share all our tips on how to remain highly competitive in today’s hot market and inspire you with great 360 visuals and panoramic video tours made with OpenFrame.

About OpenFrame

The Founding Team:

Aymeric Vigneras, Founder - CEO

  • CEO, CIDC (Boston-MA), $100M internet company, 4M customers
  • CTO, Head of strategic projects, BetClic Everest Group, $475M, 12M customers
  • Partner, Supervisory board member, Alti (Tata Consulting), $14OM
  • Founder of a $47M consulting practice, successfully sold to Alti
  • Co-founder of a software company, successfully sold to Cameleon (

Etienne Leroy, Founder – CPO/CMO

  • CPO/CMO, CIDC (Boston-MA), $100M internet company, 4M customers.
  • Group project manager, BetClic Everest Group, $475M, 12M customers.
  • Senior Consultant CRM, marketing, IBM.

Our story:

In 2016, our CEO (Aymeric) bought a house with the help of Lynn Findley, a Coldwell Banker realtor in Belmont, Massachusetts. Fast-forward to 2017, Aymeric--who sees Lynn from time to time at the high school--showed her a prototype of Realtors360 (that would later become OpenFrame). Seduced by the idea, she immediately wanted to try it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t ready yet, but the idea was already convincing. Four months later, Lynn became our first user.

She bought the camera, successfully shot her 360 panoramic video tour, and to her surprise, she won a listing in the following week! Lynn was even able to bust out the camera and app during a listing presentation and showcase to her potential seller how she would market their house in 360. They were impressed by the result and loved it.

That’s when we knew that our user-friendly app could help real estate agents in the best way possible: by helping them deliver fast, convenient, professional, and impressive content.

What do we do?

OpenFrame is the companion app for the OpenFrame 360 camera. We empower non-tech-savvy real estate agents to create amazing, immersive videos and property tours in just a couple of minutes, directly from their phones. You only need to take 1 picture per room with the OpenFrame 360 camera, and the app magically creates a beautiful, immersive video. That’s the beauty of 360.

Each video can be easily personalized with your choice of music, and shared either by text, email, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or even added to your MLS listing. The video tour saved on your camera roll acts like a 2D video that can be easily shared on any platform.

In all, we help agents impress both sellers and buyers to win more listings and sell faster than ever. We bring to the general market what was reserved for high-end properties.

What makes us unique:

  • Automatic panoramic video creation
  • 360 open house
  • 360 video tour
  • Label a room in one tap
  • Add music to your video: choose from our list of copyright-free music or use your own
  • Works offline: you do not need wifi or a good network connection to create your video
  • Add title and credits
  • Share anywhere

To make your property viewings more attractive and efficient, we invite you to sign up on our homepage.

If you have any questions, please visit OpenFrame or reach us at