How to sell a house for over list price.

Posted by Sean McGrail - CRO, OpenFrame on Aug 29, 2018 2:29:00 PM
Sean McGrail - CRO, OpenFrame
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You might have recently read that the bidding for “The Brady Bunch” house in Studio City resulted in HGTV paying $3.5 million — or $1.615 million more than the list price.

The home received a total of eight offers from parties including stage and television producers, corporations and singer-dancer Lance Bass.

The show’s opening and closing scenes as well as numerous interludes were shot at the house. Interior scenes for “The Brady Bunch” episodes were filmed in a studio.

A rock-wall fireplace and wood-paneled walls are among classic details still found in the living room, which features a built-in bar.

There are two bedrooms, three bathrooms and about 2,500 square feet of living space.

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