How to Use Video to Boost your SEO

Posted by Aaron on Apr 29, 2019 4:07:00 PM

 Video content is both desired by customers looking for properties and it increases your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).



Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best practice used to increase traffic to your website by improving how search engines rank your content. As consumers have shifted to searching for their next home online, SEO has rightfully become a major buzzword in real estate. Whether you’re marketing a listing or looking for buyers to represent, you need an active online presence to ensure you are a go-to resource within your market.

There is no silver bullet for boosting SEO. You can’t flip a switch and instantly get to page one of Google. Instead, SEO is like building a reputation - it takes time and you have to do what’s right. Like any area of technology, there are always trends and changes, and the most recent SEO emphasis is on video. Video will soon make up 80% of all internet traffic and consumers continue to favor video content more and more every year (Cisco). As the emphasis towards video grows, it is important to prioritize video content for your listings. In this post we’ll look further into this relationship between video and SEO.

Video Can Grow Your Organic Search Traffic

When a potential customer brings up Google to search your area, they enter a series of keywords - like a neighborhood or town or condo or home - and Google is combing the internet to make a calculation on the best web pages to display. This is the most basic way to think of SEO and video can give you a big leg up. Recent analysis has shown that having video in your content gives you 50x more chance of appearing on the first page of search results (Forrester). That’s huge! It’s important that your content includes searchable keywords to help you rank higher, but adding in video can take you to the next level.

Youtube Videos Increase Your Priority

The most visited website on the internet is Google, which is why SEO is such a crucial practice. Number 2 is Youtube (Alexa)! Now, remember that Google owns Youtube, which means Youtube content will have a greater priority in search results. Often times search results will display Youtube video options on the first line or “before the fold,” so they are front and center for users. A youtube page is a must-have for your real estate business and you should be uploading your video tours as a regular practice. When you share and increase views on your Youtube videos, you help boost your SEO with minimal effort!

Backlink to Develop Your Reputation

When one website links to another website, it’s called a backlink. Traffic from another website to your content increases your SEO reputation because those clicks represent little votes of confidence that your material is relevant in an organic way. Video makes backlinking easy, because you are able to place one video within multiple pieces of content and share them across platforms and channels. Here’s an example - You have a listing you’d like to market and you know video is important so you’ve created a panoramic walkthrough and added it to youtube. To use your video to generate interest you’ll do the following:

  1. Create a page with the listing info and video on your website or Facebook.
  2. Link to the page on the Youtube description
  3. Post the video to instagram with a link in your bio
  4. Post the video to your Facebook newsfeed with a link back to the listing.
  5. Add the video to Zillow.
  6. Send out an email blast to your contact list with the video and link

With some copying and pasting you’ve created 6 pathways back to your original content and your ranking will increase with each click. This is super easy and repeatable process and is a must for SEO.


Many people think of keywords and meta titles when considering SEO strategy, but video is becoming more and more a major piece in search engine ranking. Luckily, real Estate content lends itself really well to video marketing! You are an expert in your market, which is why you’re a great resource to your clients. Share your knowledge with short videos for prospective clients and post them across your channels. Don’t just take photos of a listing you’d like to market, use a tool like OpenFrame 360 video to create walkthroughs.. Every year the demand for video grows. You’ll increase your reach with each one you post.


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