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Posted by Sean McGrail - CRO, OpenFrame on Oct 8, 2018 3:49:21 PM
Sean McGrail - CRO, OpenFrame
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At Inman Connect 2018  there were over 4,000 real estate industry professionals in attendance.

We were fortunate to catch numerous insightful talks, explore the latest real estate tech tools and catch up with real estate professionals from all across the U.S.

Here are some highlights from Inman Connect 2018 that the real estate industry will be talking about.



Seth Price, VP of Marketing at Placester, explains the types and styles of content that can supercharge online lead generation:

  • “If you look at your phone, and you look at all the notifications you have, and how many people are trying to get your attention, that means that the content being offered to you better be really valuable to you.” 
  • “No matter how great you are, no matter how many certifications you have, how much experience you have in this industry, your clients don’t really care about that until you start to solve some problems.”
  • “The communication that happens in the unspoken parts are important. Images are translated by the human brain 50 thousand times faster than the written word. So a design fail will kill your work.”
  • “If you are creating something of value, then people want to be in contact with you, because they want more of what you’ve created.”


Broker and owner of RE/MAX Executive Realty Leigh Brown has made a name for herself as the ultimate real estate go-getter. In her Inman Connect session, Leigh told attendees it was okay to be uncomfortable as they set their business on a new course by adapting to new real estate trends.

She had some great zingers, too:

  • “We could call Zillow ‘real estate porn,’ because everything looks really good whether or not it’s available.”
  • “You’re either going to be a part of the innovation, or you should just turn your license in right now.”



Molly McKinley, EVP of Marketing at Relola, and Heather Elias, Founder of the LoCo Real Estate Team, know a thing or two about growing trends in real estate marketing.

These two real estate experts have been observing how agents are promoting themselves, and had the following to say at Inman Connect 2018:

  • “Bring the community into your marketing. What is it like to live in your area? What is it like to go to the businesses in your neighborhood? What are the questions being asked about your community? These are the things that will make your marketing resonate better with the consumer.”
  • “In this noisy, crazy world that we live in, you have microseconds to capture someone’s attention. So you need to do that visually. If you’re looking at something, and it’s not jumping off the page for you then it’s not going to jump off the page for someone else.”
  • “Video is authentic and new and it’s exactly what people are going to experience when they meet you face-to-face. So think about ways to incorporate this into your business to show people exactly who you are.”
  • “Your marketing is likely going to be seen on a really small mobile screen first. So you need to think about that when you’re creating. Recognize the fact that if your consumer sees something that isn’t visually-compatible on their smartphone, it’s going to create an annoyance for them and that’s going to impact your relationship.”

We noticed a running theme - Real Estate marketing is becoming more and more about visual assets rather than creative copywriting.  OpenFrame can help you stand out from the crowd of agents who still think it's 2017.

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